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't mitt romney lose this election for republicans? >> mitt romney, of course, like any defeated candidate, partly the author of his own misfortunate. we have had six presidential elections since 1988, where the republican did not clear 50% of the vote. only once, 2004, did the republican get more than 50%. look at the previous cycles, and the republicans win five of the elections, including the defeat in 1966, 2.5% of the vote. you can make all kinds of criticisms of mitt romney, but barack obama is not exactly the second coming of franklin dell nor roosevelt either. he is a candidate that doesn't say thank you to people who vote for him. the president has built a stronger coalition, and the republican coalition has been in trouble for a long, long time. republicans look at elections like 2010 and 1994 where a third of the election for ate is over one state. and then they are surprised where they don't win when 16% of the election for ate is over age 65. >> what about the argument you will hear, which is romney was not a consistent conservative. had he been a consistent conservative throu
. this is th plan wasn't good enough to get mitt romney elected president but republicans are still selling it hard. at least this is what they have been selling in public. behind closed doors is a different story. john boehner doesn't have the leverage he used to have. on a conference call he told house republicans they had to avoid the nasty showdowns that mark so much of the last two years. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell was the number one obstructionist in the president's first term. now he tells "the wall street journal" he'll do whatever it takes to get a deal. i'd be willing to pay the ransom if e we thought we were going to get the hostage out. but the hostage is what? entitlement spending. mcconnell's intention, he's willing to agree to a dollar of new taxes for every dollar in cuts. what a difference an election makes. >> i'm going to ask a question on the stage. they seau had a real spending cuts deal, 10 to 1. spending cuts to tax increases. spooker, you're already shaking your head. but who on this stage would walk away from that deal? would you raise your hand about
? >> there is not a way to repeal a law, even if romney had oe, republicans lost two seats in the senate. there's only so much you can do if you have control of congress you can do some things, but not much. there is very limited the amount that you can do. would you can is us the law as, perhaps, an outlet for reforming entitlements. that is oe thing that obamacare, that may be the legacy. this he competion for resources. the big health care entitlements. republicans will have some say as to how thatlays out. gerri: what you're saying is, it sounds like what you're saying is some of the money could b diverted some morales. >> the irony of a lot of this healthare politics is that democrats criticize paul ryan for the premum support plan for medicare reform. the obamacare exchanges which apply to people who are a low-middle incomalso is a premium support plan. so democrats have an argument against applyg the obamacare racing just medicare? d mean, they like obamacare. what would be so terrible about migrating seniors into the obamacare exchange as a way to reform medicare using a democratic approh. gerri:
with the republican party and candidate romney. they disagree with almost everyone in the republican party about the proper role of government. what services should provide, what are the things government can do to get ahead. they see them being opposed to what they are doing. it's not enough to say we're fine with immigration. >> so how much of a risk is it within the republican party to make a shift on immigration? such as hannity was talking about? there was an about face there. you have some senators saying, we have to work on reform. isn't it all about votes? it's not about their sincerity? >> it's about votes. this is an 11th hour conversion. there's not a great deal of substance to it. not only saying these kind and sympathetic words about latinos and immigration to bring them over to their side, they could cause a fire storm in their own party by sort of unleashing the furies about this issue. remember the last time they tried to do anything about immigration reform? the republican party practically store itself up. but i wouldn't be surprised if this happened again. there's no easy way
a republican like mitt romney? she found out by viciously attacking and tweeting the following. can't get too much into 140 characters but for those asking i'm voting romney-ryan. and liberals responded with their hate-filled rhetoric. here's a few what they said. >> ouch. another one read:. >> and you ain't been [bleep]. and joining me now is melissa -- a lot of bleeps. nothing compared to what you really got. >> no, some of what i got was pretty disgusting. >> what do you attribute it to? why can't you be conservative or vote for a republican and work in the entertainment industry? >> i learned this pretty early on an sabrina. i was 20 when we started the show. the first time i could vote. i did my research. i asked around, asked questions, i, you know, looked up the issues and the candidates, and i decided who i was going to vote for when i walked in very proud because i grew up in the '90s where rock the vote was the big thing. go out and vote, you've got to be heard. i was proud and walk in with the "i voted" sticker and walked on the stage to start rehearsals and everyone said you voted
of mitt romney's former testimony advisors. to find out why texas republican congressman louie gohmert. thanks for joining us tonight. >> glad to be with you. melissa: what do you think is the answer to this problem? >> i think whatever mitt romney's closest advisors say is probably not the answer because we had a referendum on that. but, gosh, the answer is very, very clear, melissa. the president's own people have said that he has said it repeatedly, everybody should pay their fair share. now i do think we probably should set up a line of poverty and below that no tax, but set up a flat tax. if you make more, you pay more. if you make less, you pay less. only have two deductions for mortgage interest and also for charitable deductions. rest of it goes away. and let's make the capital gains 15%. let's leave it 15%. make a flat income tax of 15%. let's make the gift tax 15%. make estate tax 15%. you will see the economy explode. you will see all kinds of revenue come in. use the president's own words. everybody should pay their fair share of flat tax. melissa: i couldn't agree with you
. >> the published polls that the romney campaign and the republican establishment were trashing day after day turned out to be accurate. and to miss so many states and to be this far off, your fox news viewers out to be outraged. >> now, that's a new one. a republican pollster who's outraged by the republican polls. everyone's pointing fingers. the tea party are blaming the establishment, saying mitt romney was too moderate. and ronald reagan's son says there just wasn't enough reagan. >> i got to tell you, the republican party may talk about ronald reagan but they haven't really embraced ronald reagan. >> somehow i don't think he hit the nail on the head. but louisiana governor bobby jindal might be onto something. he says the republicans need to stop being the stupid party. wow, the stupid party. there is a war inside the gop and nobody knows how this will end. joining me now, steve kornacki and krystal ball, co-hosts of "the cycle" on msnbc. >> our guys, the upper echelon of the republican party, want to fashion themselves as members of the ruling class. we the country class are not in the ruling
that -- it takes to elect people. they had to get them to the polls. or then't romney republican party at fault. i think you are a -- i do not understand how someone could thinkers that have no credibility and are in the white house all the time. this is what disturbs me more than anything. there will make right to work states in every state including texas. this is a vibrant place in dallas. people are moving here in droves. we have an honest to goodness fair government. thank you very much. guest: thank you for your kind words about me. taxes is growing by leaps and bounds. this is made our country much more energy independent and has brought the price of natural gas down. i hope we can agree we don't want to reverse that and continue to go forward with these wonderful changes that have taken place in energy. we have a chance to see a renaissance in manufacturing. a lot of these jobs going overseas may come home. i have been asked and i would make three quick points. i think this election was about a lot of things. i think it is more complicated than that. i would start with the candidates. mitt
value conservative saying i will never book fr a moderate republican. he didn't vote for romney. he sat home. then, for good measure says that if any republican ever says i'm going to reach across the aisle i will to the go for it. purists like that will sink the republican party. >> how many republicans? which percentage would you put on that presentation? how many are in that category. >> we know three million viewers, republicans veted this time and i bet it's about a million or so. this gets back to talking points. some hard line social conservative. that republican will never win, either, bill. >> no. he has to be able to persuade people in the middle that your vision is good for them. that is what i was saying is that i think the hispanic precinct can be won over. it's not good for you. >> it takes a certain kind of republican a kind of conservative barack obama and i mean that from the best sense of conservatives. do you know what? republicans with science don't come along that often. i don't think things look good for americans unless they find that candidate. >> that is why i w
donors who expected a vastly different return on their investment in mitt romney and other republicans, colbert offered up a response to his own donors. >> karl is in big trouble. they're going to take his thumbs. and karl is almost all thumb. i took a lot of money for my super pac and my 501 c 4 colbert super pac shh which stands for shh. okay? money from some anonymous scary donors. that's not pixel ated. that's his face. listen, fellows, i didn't waste your money. running a super pac is expensive. i mean, we had legitimate costs. we had handling costs and we had legal fees, and the biggest expense, almost $90,000 of it was for the commercials the super pac ran while he was kind of sort of running for president of south carolina. i want even in charge of the super pac then. >> in his home state of south carolina, of course, colbert was at one point polling ahead of a legitimate candidate, jon huntsman. >>> next, people in the other over 30 states have submitted petitions to the white house asking that their states be allowed to secede from the union on the heels of president obama's
for that offensive anal si. >>> coming up, congress is back, the fiscal cliff is near. will house republicans finally think of the good of the country and not the good of this guy? >> the president was committed -- elected on the basis that he was not romney and that romney was a poopy head and you should vote against romney. [ female announcer ] so how long have you been living flake-free with head & shoulders? since before jeans were this skinny... since us three got a haircut. since my first twenty-ninth birthday. [ female announcer ] head & shoulders. live flake free. without freshly-made pasta. you could also cut corners by making it without 100% real cheddar cheese. but wouldn't be stouffer's mac & cheese. just one of over 70 satisfying recipes for one from stouffer's. >>> well, count grover norquist among the walking wounded after last week's election because a new report says the man responsible for the infamous anti-tax pledge doesn't have the same influence that he once did. the hill reports about a dozen newly elected house republicans refuse to sign the anti-tax pledge during th
romney. as one long time republican leader told politico, the gop needs to realize it is too old, too white, too male, maybe even want to add too rich to that. this republican says the party has to figure out how to catch up with demographics of a changing u.s. before it is too late. it is well known romney lost between key voting blocks like latinos, women, in battleground states that decided the election. it might be because as cnn contributor david frum put it, the republican message is no longer relevant to middle class america. frum told msnbc it is not just that romney lost, but in the last six presidential elections, the gop lost the popular vote in five of them. frum says over a generation, a once majority party has become a nonmajority party. republican positions on issues like women's rights and immigration are big factors in the decline, and it doesn't help when you have republican congressional candidates like this more on, todd akin, making completely ignorant comments about rape. if republicans want to start winning elections instead of losing them, they're going to have
. ♪ >>> welcome back. misbegotten hard-line stance was the key reason for mitt romney's defeat. unless the republican party has a radical change on immigration policy, they may never be another republican presidential win in my lifetime. ing in fact, even the reddest of states like texas could turn blue according to senator-elect ted cruz. another nail in the gop coffin. joining us to talk about all of this, republican media baron christopher ready. president and ceo, chris, great to see you. i want to start, if you don't mind, start on the immigration blunder which romney made -- right at the beginning and i know you were all over this. and -- it seems to me if would don't figure out something, path to citizenship, different rhetoric, different selling points, more outreach, gops will be dead in the water for as far as the eye can see. >> we face a demographic time bomb. we already are seeing it in this election. and i think with ted the article in "the new yorker" you mentioned, where he was quoted the years ahead will be very ominous for republicans unless we change. i think this el
. >> that is sure to sting the man who led the republican party through this past election governor mitt romney. in the latest issue of new york magazine, benjamin wallace wells -- only the stricken heartfelt apology of a man who has found himself wanting. a week after romney seemed poised to become president there is no segment of the republican party that could be called romneyest. >> joining us is new york magazine contributor whose article so long, mitt, appears in this week's issue. always great to see you. i thought that was a fairly moving good-bye to mitt romney and your point about who is a romneyist is very much something worth discussing. >> i think in some ways it was a kind of secretly moving good-bye from mitt romney. the clip that you played where he said, you know, i so wished that i -- i so wished i had been able to fulfill your hopes, i think there's something personal and true in that. you know, mitt romney in a way that michele bachmann or rick perry, or rick santorum didn't was running a personal candidacy. he didn't come in at the head of some movement, with ideological po
't know anything. >> greg: this is a bunch of republicans. >> this is what romney's crew should have done to axelrod and messina. gone all out. >> dana: jumped from behind? >> eric: thi care of middle america. this is the right way to do stuff. if you mess with my car we beat you up. >> kimberly: this is boxing. i want to tell you something, i'm surprised. i know jeff gordon. we used to live in the same building. his wife is nice. i'm telling you, super nice, mellow and low key. something must have done really bad. >> dana: they said he had been ramming his car purposefully the whole season and he had had enough. that's why he went ahead -- >> juan: what is striking to me in the strategy. he had to slow down and wait to make this happen. and then start this. >> eric: this is a team, juan. you know, none of the drivers drive alone. they drive in teams. taking care of his teammates. compadres. shake and bake. >> dana: imagine if we resorted toed to physical violence on "the five" to differences. first, bob learned what it would be like on the dunk tank. but it doesn't seem like good sportsm
it. compared to governor romney, and i think really the republican party, including those statements that todd akin and murdoch made, it seemed like they were far off from the center. i also think, is an as an independent i can give advice to both parties -- [laughter] the party of ronald reagan and jack kemp, the party of upward mobility -- it didn't seem to be the republican party this year. maybe it was because of the very effective attack campaign against mitt romney being with bain capital, 47% and all that stuff. but i think hispanics and asians and a lot of women did not vote for the republican party, not just if you are hispanic or anti-immigrant, but because it didn't seem like a kind of party that was going to create a country in which you were going to have a chance to rise up. it seemed, by their own statement and the definition the democrats gave them, is a more exclusive club. if republicans don't change back, their future is not good. >> he was a jack kemp disciple. i think it is -- it is great we can have an african-american president at a time when you had almost 9%
or coming up in the new session of congress, gingrich also talked about the need for the republican party to come to grips with immigration after mitt romney's poor performance among latino voters. he got less than 30%. do you think republicans will be more open to passing immigration reform now? >> if it's not because of the good bs of their heart, it's an issue that needs to dealt with, it has to be political consideration and the convenience. the loss in the asian community and latino community, for the republican party is huge. this issue is driving that movement toward the democratic party. i would suggest that this is an issue for the new congress. it's doable. we can pass the dream act. we can look at comprehensive immigration reform and stop talking about self-deportation. stop talking about enforcement-only and deal with the reality. i think that the american people want us to do that. it behooves them to listen and come to the table with an open mind anding work on a package that will be both good and just for this country. >> always good to see you, thank you. >> thank you. >>>
're not crazy, mainstream republicans very serious people telling us it would be a landslide for romney. where do they go now? >> stephen: i know the problem. they weren't conservative enough. you know conservativism cannot fail, you can only fail conservativism. they did not field a true conservative out there. >> he had a severe conservative -- conservative -- >> stephen: that guy was flip flopping all over the place. i never believed him. i never believed that guy. he's a massachusetts moderate. i said that from the beginning, andrew. check the tape. >> we will have to check the tape. but no, paul ryan was the way in which he persuaded the republican base that he's one of them. i mean he had the republican base. he did not lose this election because he wasn't conservative enough. he lost the moderates in the middle in places like ohio, in places like florida where he just couldn't afford to. and i think it's a triumph of an actual campaign against pure cynicism and lies. and i think that is a huge victory for the american people, i really do. ( crowd cheering ) >> stephen: thank you so much
understand and the republicans and mitt romney was saying this, we need new revenue as long as it doesn't come from raising taxes. we're going to get all of the new revenue we need by closing loopholes. and now what loopholes? does that mean the mortgage interest deduction is going to go? >> they won't admit it but it would have to. in other words, the only way you're going to get -- >> bill: the number one tax advantage for middle-class families in america, they're willing to throw out rather than raise taxes on the wealthiest of americans. >> yes. and the other one that would be in the line of fire would be the health -- the health insurance deduction. so it would be things that would hit the middle class quite hard. and it effectively raises middle class tax rates. so that's -- one of the things that may have some merit is to limit the deductions on the high income. give everybody a certain amount of deductions on capital gains. so that a lot of small time -- >> bill: 17,000 they've said or 25 -- whatever it is. >> so
for president obama. romney lost in virginia. so that would imply that the republicans should nominate, they have two choices. nominate the very conservative tea party, the attorney general or nominate the more established conservative, bill bowling. last tuesday 's result they want to have a chancehey would nominate the more moderate guy. the tea party guy, he's got a lock on the nomination i think. he's the strong favorite right now. it's going to be a party convention that picks the nominee for the republicans and tends to be dominated by activists, the base people who are most enthusiastic. >> i'm sorry. >> but also the point is that the electorate in off year elections is much more conservative than in presidential years. that could give an argument and the republicans a chance. >> we're out of time i'm being told but i have to ask you quickly about maryland and the impact there. a lot of success for governor omalley. >> a lot of success on same sex marriage, dream act, casinos. he swept the board. the most important act is gambling is behind us in maryland. this thing has been ba
ask you about that republican world view. i wonder what color the sky is. how did they see this election the way rasmussen pollsters would see it, basically a romney romp? how did they get it so wrong? >> i think there was a feeding into a mythology that somehow the country would categorically reject the president because we had, that the country would somehow say to itself, you know, we can't live with this new land of big government health care, big government spending, et cetera, because we can't. and that's fine. the problem was in articulating to the american people why we can't live with those things, why those things are bad, and instead, as you have noted many times on this program, we got waylaid by conversations about women's bodies and abortion and things that didn't go to the nub of what was moving the electorate, and i think right now newt is absolutely right. ti's going to require a level of soul searching that i don't think this party has ever really done before where it's not about oh, gee, should we be more conservative or less conservative? it should be ho
republicans feeling. the state's gop suffered a sweeping defeat. not only did mitt romney lose, voters rejected their stance on the proposition and democrats won a super majority in the state assembly. >> the republican party has no good news other that once you hit bottom there's only one way to go if you're going to survive. >> reporter: east bay political science professor says things couldn't have been more disastrous for the gop. he says the party needs to do a lot of soul-searching if they want to remain relevant in california and the country. >> the country is diverse. the definition of the diverse. the republican party believe they could continue to rely and there would be enough of those people traditional whites that they could be a viable party. >> reporter: he says not only does the party need to be more inclusive it needs to the move to the middle acknowledging the liberal shift of california voters. >> the republican party needs to figure out how to be the right party for california and if they can figure that out, they very well may lead their national party in a better
a list of republicans who say we thought we were going to win the election. mitt romney's running mate is speaking out for the first time since president obama was re-elected. >> as the congressman goes back to washington he'll also talk about compromise on the budget. we're going to hear a part of that interview. that is only on "cbs this morning." it's interesting to hear what congressman ryan has to say too about whether he'll run for president in 2016. lots of new information there. your local news is next. >>> this is a cbs 5 eyewitness news morning update. >>> it's 7:26 i'm frank mallicoat we go right to breaking news on the peninsula where a neighborhood is flooded this morning. cbs 5 elissa harrington is in daly city where streets are full of mud. >> reporter: clean up crews are heading up the hill where a water main broke early this morning covering this neighborhood in mud. 8 homes were evacuated and about 100 people in this neighborhood are without water service this morning. they live just below hillside park and we're here on price street and
the talk about the $53 million that republican casino mogul sheldon adelson lost on backing two losers like newt gringrich and mitt romney, we shouldn't forget about how much money citizens united allowed outside groups to spend on this campaign and on the republican side how miserably they failed. according to the campaign donor watchdog group sunlight foundation, the karl rove-backed american crossroads super pac had a return of investment of 1.2%. according to sunlight, 1.29% of the money spent had its desired outcome. they spent $104 million, but one won only two of 19 races. now rows crossroads gps had an return of investment of 14.4% and they and the it's sister organization, they only came ahead in seven of 60 races. ouch! that's just really poor investment by all these alleged business experts. we already knew that money can't buy you love, but it's also nice to know that it won't buy you votes. here to joining someone who knows all about donors, wade randlett is a prolific fundraiser for democrats and founder of bay area democrats and part of silicon valley's bipartisan political
, it actually is. >> caller: you would think that the republicans knew more than they knew. i think if romney had they would have brought this out right after i think to ruin the whole presidency of obama. >> stephanie: yeah well,. >> is there a senate bow chica bow bow. >> stephanie: i think there is now that you suggested it. right back on "the stephanie miller show." stephanie miller show." >>for every discouraged voter, there are ten angry ones taking action. trickle down does not work. in romney's world, cars get the elevator and the workers get the shaft. that is a whole bunch of bunk. the powerful may steal an election, but they can't steal democracy. [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> you are my oprah. >> stephanie: you don't get a car, and you don't get a car. 434 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the number toll-free from anywhere. hi george. >> good morning it's good it talk to you again. it's 25 degrees here in gary, youbut you could melt my popsicle any day. >> stephanie: california girls. >> during the scandal of great
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 82 (some duplicates have been removed)